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Individual Training

Individual Training


Personal Training

The bedrock of our business, Mitise Health has provided personal training services to thousands of clients over nine years in the industry. Beginning with an informal chat and assessment, our coaches work with you to ensure you achieve your health and fitness goals through the application of fun, variable and scientifically backed training programs. No minimum fitness level necessary.





Mitise Health nutrition is based around the philosophy of the late Dr. Weston A Price and his teachings on indigenous diets and ancestral health. Focusing on providing our clients understanding of which foods work best for them and in what ratios, we work closely with our clients over the course of a week to determine and devise a plan that is both nutritious and sustainable for their body type. Energy gains, body fat losses and greater athletic output are all results consistently achieved with past clientele.

Cost: $250.00

Plan length: Natural life




Strength & Conditioning

Want to improve your athletic ability on the field, the pitch, the court or in the ring? Mitise Health’s S&C sessions have you covered. Taking you through a scientifically structured, periodised program guaranteed to greatly improve your athletic output, Mitise Health coaches have worked with athletes from the junior leagues right up to those on the international stage. Understand your body and you can understand your output.

Program cost: Specific to the individual, but ranges from $500.00 – $1,500.00 depending upon program required.

Program length: 12 weeks.